Publicon OOD was founded 2014 and is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


I was born in Bulgaria, studied at the Technical University in Sofia and later at the University of Economics in Vienna.


I am grateful that I could acquire profound experience in the operation of public utilities in my function as general contractor and project manager of projects in the public sector. As Executive Officer for the Street Lighting Department at a world market leading company I acted as project manager for numerous energy efficiency projects in Austria as well as in several countries of the CEE/SEE/CIS region.


Together with my team and partners, it is my goal and Publicon’s pledge to our clients to advise and assist both public entities and private companies, predominately in the Energy sector, in

  • Public procurement, tendering procedures and contract design
  • Project and Risk management

Svetlana Adamek, mba

CEO and Founder of Publicon OOD

Opening the market for private ESCOs in Bulgaria
26.11.2013 - 26.11.2016
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Capacity building and raising awereness for EE and RES
01.11.2015 - 31.05.2016
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